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Step 1 - Calculate Cost For New Wood Doors If You Need Them

We sell brand new custom built cabinets in a variety of layouts and materials.  If you do not need new doors, skip this step.

New Shaker Wood Drawers and Doors Start As Low As $40 per Unit, unpainted or Stained, plus Delivery. New MDF Doors Start As Low As $35 for Drawers and Doors unpainted, plus Delivery.

All new drawers and doors come pre-drilled for hinges and/or hardware specified at ZERO additional cost. For a complete price list, please contact us.  

For a rough general estimate, take your number of doors and drawers and multiply by 70 for Wood and 55 for MDF.

Step 2 - Add Custom Repairs or Add-Ons, Hinges, Etc.

Have damaged frames and casings or want something custom built?  Want new frames and casings and an entire new kitchen?

We offer quality carpenter services at affordable prices.

Contact us for a quote.  

Do you need hinges?

Soft closing hinges can be provided at only $6 per pair.

Skip this step if you do not need this.

3 - Calculate Total Units That Require Refinishing/Painting

Count up your total cabinets and drawers that you want to reuse and/or paint that are new.

This is your total number of units for refinishing or refacing.  Kitchens typically come with anywhere from 12 to 80 units depending on size.  

Anything that has to be disassembled into two separate individual units to refinish is counted as two.  (An example would be some Lazy Susans.)

If you have priced in new drawers or doors from steps 1 and 2, and are getting them finished, please count this total number.

4 - Calculate Cost, Add To Your Total Thus Far

Take your total number of units and multiply by $39.00.  

That is your price if you want to disassemble, clean and deliver to our shop for a brand new factory refinish in any paint store colour you like.

If you are purchasing new doors or drawers, it’s the same price to paint them.  Add $39 per unit to what you have priced thus far.  This is the cost for you to pickup your new painted doors at the shop that are ready for your kitchen. 

Many custom options exist for clear coatings, hardeners, grain fill and non paint store or automotive colours including metallic and two tone options.

 If you do not see something listed here and want to inquire, please include this information in your request for an estimate.

Delivery of new cabinets are available to you for an additional hourly rate.

Turnover time can vary between as quick as two days to two weeks.  

Our process is extensive and involves degreasing, sanding and prepping.

We have a minimum order value of $600.   This means that if you do not have enough cabinets (less than 16) to meet this value, you are charged this minimum.  It simply is not profitable to refinish just a few units.  This is because of labour, supply chain issues and material costs that exist today.  

5 - Client Finishes Frames & Casings

Are you capable of painting the frames and casings yourself?  You’re finished in your rough estimate.

If not, skip to the next step.

We can sell you an optional kit of everything you need to paint the frames and casings yourself for $200.00

This kit includes the following:   

A small cutting brush  

An artists brush   

A small paint tray   

Two small rollers   

Sanding pads   

1 Gallon of Stix primer and/or wood coating   

1 Gallon of a Benjamin Moore paint in your custom colour

6 - Add Factory Spray Finish, Frames & Casings & Installation

If you want a complete factory finish of your frames and casings, we can provide this to you.    

My team will attend your home and protect your home with paper, tape and plastic and refinish your frames with a factory spray finish.  

This labour is provided to you at an additional cost of $60.00 per unit.

This is in addition to what you have currently priced thus far in steps 1, 2, 3 and 4.

Shelving Units and the interiors of can be refinished and brightened up for an additional hourly fee.

Some small boutique kitchens require a minimum total of $1400.00 in addition to what you’ve calculated for this, due to their small size and the labour, transportation and material costs involved.

   Installation of finished cabinets, New or old Hinges, or new hardware can be purchased in addition for an hourly rate.

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