Epoxy Flooring Companies in Vaughan FAQs Answered

Clear Cut is one of the epoxy flooring companies in Vaughan that you can trust to get the job done right. It’s important for every one of our clients to have the right information. Here are some frequently asked questions and answers to help you make the right decisions.

Are Moisture Tests Done? 

These are important for residential applications. Damp concrete can be one of the sources. Moisture can also come up from underneath a concrete subfloor. Unexpected flooding and other types of leaks can come up from underneath your garage. It’s a good idea to use an industry-leading moisture-blocking vapor barrier. This product can lessen any damage to epoxy floor coatings in your garage or anywhere else.

How Do I Find a Good Contractor?

It’s important to find an industry expert that has all the right training and uses only the very best products. References are important. A list of satisfied customers will provide testimonials and pictures of their new epoxy floors.

Look for a contractor that supplies a warranty. That’s one of the big signs that you dealing with someone who does excellent work.

Don’t jump on the cheapest quote right away. There’s a good chance that doing that will mean you’ll need to spend more money down the road to repair or even replace a badly done job.

How Thick Should Epoxy Flooring Companies in Vaughan Pour?

There is a wide range depending on what kind of application you’re looking at. This usually goes from .250 microns up to 5 mm. Garage floors need to be a little thicker. They usually take a thickness of up to .600 microns.

Thicker applications work better when you’re using your garage as a workshop. Thinner coatings can be damaged when equipment gets dragged over them. There is the same danger in spaces where tools might get dropped.

It’s a good idea to talk with your installer about what the area will be used for.

If you’re looking through your epoxy flooring companies in Vaughan options, consider Clear Cut. We are innovators in the field and completely different than the other big box finishing and painting stores you are used to.  Please take a few minutes to look at the photo gallery on our website. You’ll see how dedicated we are to the kind of quality that makes a big difference.

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