Choosing A Product For A Smaller Space? Our Wallpaper Installer Services Can Help

Clear Cut has wallpaper installer in Vaughan services that are staffed by trained professionals. We look after everything — from laying down protective plastic to patching up any holes in the walls before the project starts.

Our team looks after all of the details. That includes the right wallpaper if you’re looking to cover a smaller space.

Consider Big Patterns 

Don’t be worried about overwhelming a small space with a big pattern. People tend to think that a small design works better, but that’s not the case. Larger patterns can actually make a room look wider.

Geometric shapes and floral designs are two good choices. The trick is to make sure the design you choose repeats itself right across the wallpaper. 

Think About Neutrals

Neutral wallpaper might not seem like the most creative choice, but it works. A product with subtle patterns provides visual depth and texture. These types of wallpapers might not make the room look bigger, but they allow other design features to look great.

Stripes and Our Wallpaper Installer in Vaughan Services

Using this type of wallpaper can make a wall look much longer. This choice also draws the eyes to the parts of the room that you want to highlight. Remember when you use our services, we are respectful and treat each project as if it were in our own homes.

We always suggest that horizontal stripes can make a wall appear to be longer when it comes to this type of wallpaper. On the other hand, vertical stripes make the same space look taller.

Darker Colours

Many of our clients favor pale colours for the smaller rooms of their homes. However, dark colours can also have a striking effect. These tones can create a welcoming and warming outcome. They look great in bedrooms, home offices, and other areas where you want to create a cozy atmosphere.

Finally, many of our clients prefer unassuming wallpaper that has nature-inspired patterns. These usually provide a lot of visual appeal without overwhelming anyone who comes into a smaller space. Think jungle leaves and ferns as well as other greenery.

Regardless of the type you finally choose, our wallpaper installer in Vaughan services will make it look great. All the staff that come to work on your property are properly trained. They all have the appropriate government Ontario ladder and working from heights training.

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