Professional Exterior Painters in Vaughan Supply Some Tips on Choosing Palates

If you’re looking for professional exterior painters in Vaughan that can handle a variety of projects, give us a call. You get results that last. Doing the very best work on each project is our number one priority.

Here are a few tips when you’re thinking about the best colour for the outside of your home.

  • Being aware of your surroundings is a good place to start. Check out the colours that your neighbors are using. That’s the best way to begin. You can decide if you want your home to blend in with your neighborhood. Or, maybe you’re thinking about making a bigger statement.
  • You should also remember that exterior painting doesn’t change the overall outlook of your house completely. Choosing a colour means considering the permanent fixtures too. Try to pick a shade that blends between the painting and other features like the walkways and roof. Don’t forget the colour of your shingles comes into play.

We are professional exterior painters in Vaughan that can help you make these decisions. Of course, we will also be able to carry out the project to the highest standards.

Clear Cut prides itself on being personable and reliable. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority. We do outstanding work on every single job that we take on.

Here are a few other considerations when you’re deciding on exterior colours. 

Take A Look Inside 

Take a look around inside your home to see what would look good as an exterior paint choice. Having a cohesive feeling between the inside and the outside is a good selling feature.

Here’s another tip. You don’t want these colours to clash. Especially if some of your interior rooms are visible from outside.

It’s not really necessary to match the outside and the inside up perfectly. You just need to pay attention if you’re making bolder colour choices.

Finally, it’s a good idea to consider the history of your neighborhood. If you’re painting an older property, you’ll more than likely want to use an appropriate colour scheme. You can analyze old paint layers to find out what the original colour was. Depending on the type of house you have, you can use anywhere from 4 to 6 different shades.

Clear Cut are professional exterior painters in Vaughan. Get in touch with us to start your project today. We are a company that supplies affordable high-end solutions that last.

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