Looking for Epoxy Flooring Companies in Toronto? Read These FAQs

Epoxy flooring companies in Toronto like us provide a moisture-resistant cost-efficient way to refinish and strengthen concrete floors. After treatment, garage floors can become both beautiful and strong.

Here are some of the answers to some common questions that come up.

What Are The Benefits?

This is a seamless and smooth surfacing that’s perfect for covering concrete. It doesn’t stain and it’s nonporous. That makes it simple to clean with just soap and water and very resistant to damage.

Epoxy is a perfect solution for almost any room that has high traffic. Lastly, this material doesn’t crack.

Is Epoxy A Waterproof Material? 

This material is both durable and waterproof. It’s an excellent way to protect concrete. Without this protective coating, fluids can seep into vulnerable spots and cracks in concrete floors.

It’s even a suitable solution for other places where there’s excessive water such as pool patios. Clear Cut is an industry leader when it comes to epoxy floor companies in Toronto. This service is fast and efficient and we also carry a $5 million liability policy for your peace of mind.

Read on for some more information about this product.

What Places Are Best? 

There is no definite answer about where you can and cannot use epoxy. However, garages as well as warehouses and restaurant kitchens are some common areas. So more decorative products can be used in areas like office buildings, locker rooms as well as laundromats, and other small businesses.

Is Epoxy Safe To Use?

This is a common question that we always answer with a resounding yes. Any type of epoxy floor is safe and it poses no danger to your children or pets.

This product is often less slippery and softer than stone tiles or ceramic products. That makes it child friendly. Epoxy is an adhesive. There’s a chemical reaction involved where a hardening agent and a resin are combined. When this happens, a strong plastic coating is the result.

We are industry leaders when it comes to epoxy flooring companies in Toronto. Clear Cut respects every one of our clients. Our primary focus is to do an outstanding job for each floor coating in Toronto project.

When you deal with us, there are no hidden fees. Plus, all of our work is done on time and within budget.

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